The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Heritage precinct is the site of the birthplace of the iconic outback Australian town of Alice Springs. The buildings, dating back to 1871 have been fully restored to showcase life at the Station at the turn of the 20th century. Students can take a step back in time and learn about the early settlement and harsh days when the area operated as one of 12 repeater stations along the overland Telegraph Line between Darwin and Adelaide.

The Overland Telegraph Line opened the lines of communication up in Australia and was the engineering feat spanning 3000 kilometres that connected Australia to the rest of the world.
Not only is the Telegraph Station historic for communications, it also has a chapter of history encompassing the Stolen Generation and the housing of many Indigenous children in the 1930’s.
The Telegraph Station sits adjacent to the banks of the original “Alice Springs Waterhole”, the inspiration for the name of the outback town. The waterhole is usually dry, however for the intrepid traveller, if you dig below the surface, a fresh spring will reveal itself…..clear enough to drink! Following heavy rains is when the springs fills up and turns into a magnificent oasis of soft water rapids.

There is an abundance of wildlife within the Alice Springs Telegraph Station National Reserve. Many species of birds, kangaroos, wallabies, dingoes, lizards and goannas are native to the region and live amongst the rocky outcrops and hills that surround the Telegraph Station and Picnic Reserve.
Student group discounts are offered and every student group will experience a guided tour of the Historical Precinct.

Free Wi Fi is available at the Trail Station Café, along with coffee, cold drinks, snacks, sandwiches and souvenirs. Bike hire and Mountain Bike Tours for groups up to 20 people is also available at the Trail Station Café. 


Address: Herbert Heritage Drive Stuart

Alice Springs  NT  0870
Contact No: 08 89521013


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